5 Natural Hair Tips from a Life-Long Natural

Although I’ve been natural all my life, I only began taking the healthy hair journey seriously about 5 years ago. Dealing with my hair the wrong way for some of my life helped me tremendously in learning what works best for my hair and my journey.

  1. There is no magic product that works for everyone.

Nope it’s not out there. There may be a product that works for most people but for your hair, it sucks. Simultaneously, you may love a product everyone hates. Essentially most products do the same thing. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Do try different lines, brands, products of different texture and consistently. Have fun! But after a while you must reel it in, settle down, and find those staples. Because being a product junkie is not easy on your wallet. Here’s why you shouldn’t be a product junkie.

  1. Make Time for Your Hair

If you are good to your hair, it will be good to you. Your hair will misbehave if you do it in a hurry, neglect to detangle, and fail to properly moisturize. You will inevitably need time to detangle, massage your scalp to stimulate growth, and trim those ends if you want to retain length and have your hair flourish. Put some times in your schedule for wash day. (Here are some tips on how to shorten your wash day!) Your hair will thank you.

  1. Your Edges Can Betray You

Yes, you’re hair is definitely cute in a bun and those baby hairs are laid. But your edges will retreat when you put too much pressure on them. Traction alopecia and receding hair lines are very real. Be careful not to do too many tension styles on a daily basis. Try incorporating protective styles and low maintenance styles into your hair regimen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Always do styles on moisturized and detangled hair.

This is my most valuable tip ever in natural hair life. It makes a world of difference in styling. Moisturized hair does not mean dripping wet and it doesn’t even have to be damp. Don’t try to comb or work with dry hair. This will only lead to breakage. Your hair should be moisturized before you attempt to run a comb through it! Find my favorite products for moisture here and here.

  1. Don’t compare your hair to others!

This may seem cliché but it’s important. Do not not not compare. I typed that 3 times so I hope you read it three times and caught the significance! It is totally fine to admire other peoples length and their curls, but love your own! It’s imperative to how you treat your hair. Always remember your hair is simply beautiful because it is yours!


I hope these five tips helped! Comment below leaving your natural hair tips and how long you’ve been natural!

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