3 Protective Styles That Can Be Done With Your OWN Hair!

,You have a busy week ahead you know you will NOT have any time to deal with your restyling hair every night. Your choices are either spend some serious money to get some box braids installed, run to the beauty supply to get some hair and spend hours doing it yourself, or go bald.

Sometimes you don’t want to be extra and have a whole new hairstyle, and you don’t want to commit to something you have to keep in for a couple weeks. You just need something easy and lowkey that can get you through the week or just the next couple of days.

However there are simple styles that can get you through a busy time, are quick to put in and do not require any added hair! You’re only task is to be sure your hair stays moisturized throughout the extended amount of time the style is in. All these styles can be done on freshly washed hair or done on an old twistout or wash and go!

A halo braid is a braid that circles your entire head. No hair is left out and your ends are tucked in, creating an illusion of an endless braid. This is also called a goddess braid, and there are different ways to style it! While I part mine to the side, it can be parted in the middle or not have a part at all. Doing this style takes me about 7-10 minutes. I use gel to give the braids a sleek look on the sides and in the middle, a comb to part, and pins to tuck my ends in.

A bun is THE most classic protective style. While you can do this without any added hair, it can be fun to add some Marley or Kanekalon for a bigger bun! This is an easy style that keeps your ends tucked in and your hair protected. Both a high bun and a low bun give sophisticated looks. You can add a headband, gel down some baby hairs, or use some colored pins to spice it up. You can do a big bun, or a knot type of bun that appears smaller and is more contact. This style takes me 5 minutes, using gel to smooth the sides of my hair and pins to keep my bun in place.


Mini twists are exactly what they sound like. Very small twists all over your head that can be left to hang down, curled with flexi rods, put in a bun, etc. You can also use the same hair jewelry you would use on braids. I got these little gold clips from the beauty supply for 99 cents! So cute. Depending on how small or large you do the twists, this style can take 1-2 hours to put in. But trust me its worth every minute you save in the morning when getting ready. They are also easy to keep moisturized by running leave in conditioner and oil all over the twists. They’re versatile and can last up to two weeks! I also have a video on my Youtube Channel on how I style them, take a peek here!


If you’ve tried these styles already I hope you were inspired to try them again or a variation of them. Its nice to have a break from daily styling and also help prevent breakage and excess shedding. What other easy protective styles have you tried using your own hair?

8 thoughts on “3 Protective Styles That Can Be Done With Your OWN Hair!

  1. Yes i like the mini twist a lot it’s my go to style i just did flat twist today when it gets old I’ll do the goddess braid thanks for the inspiration

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