5 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Dry


I think the most common struggle people with natural hair go through is dealing with dry hair. It is the top complaint I hear! You may have all the “right” products, you’re doing what YouTube is telling you to do and your hair is still dry.  Moisture Is what allows hair to stretch and be springy, shiny, and healthy. Sometimes your hair can look dry but it is not! A good indicator to know if your hair is moisturized is if it is soft to the touch and it has some spring to it aka shrinkage.  It feels dry to the touch, stiff, it wont hold any styles, frizzy and breaking.  Here are 5 reasons your hair may not be reaching its most moisturized potential.

1. You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

It may sound cliché but you really have to drink water and hydrate from the inside! I try to drink two liters of water a day, and I definitely see the difference between when I hit my mark of two liters and when I don’t. It helps my skin a ton, and yes it does help your hair. The things you put in your body clearly manifest on the outside. It is so easy to become dehydrated throughout the day, through urine, sweat, and our breath. Dehydration directly impacts the growth of hair, your roots soak up water and transport the water to the rest of your strand. I know this sounds cliché and you hear and see it everywhere but only cause its true!

Read more about the benefits of water here: Amazing Benefits of Water for Health, Skin and Hair

2. Not Deep Conditioning (and Not Using Heat While Doing So.)

Your aim should be to deep condition every time you wash your hair, or at least every other time. Deep conditioning allows moisture to penetrate your hair strands while it sits in your hair. Now maybe you are doing this religiously and you find it is not helping. It helps to add heat to your hair while you deep condition! Any type of heat will open your hair cuticle and allow moisture to seep into your hair. Optimally, being able to sit under a dryer while you do this would be great, however if you do not have a hooded dryer (which is a great investment by the way), there are other alternatives. You can get a thermal heating cap, which is currently on my wishlist. It is like a cloth shower cap you can put into the microwave to heat up, and it is more convenient then sitting under a dryer.  What I find the quickest and easiest is the baggy method. Otherwise known as deep conditioning with a shower cap on, trapping the heat that your scalp produces.


thermal heating cap


3. Not Using Water When Styling.

When re moisturizing your or on wash day, apply products on at least damp hair. Applying on soaking wet hair works best for me, however it takes forever to dry.

spray bottle.jpg

Water is THE best moisturizer. This is why your spray bottle is so important, especially for your ends. They are the oldest part of your hair and if they are dry they will break off and there goes your length. Keep water as a main moisturizer in your lineup and your hair will not be dry. This does not mean your hair has to be soaking wet, but spraying each section a few times before styling will make a huge difference.

4. Products Are Just Not Right For You.

There are products that claim to provide moisture however when you applied , it sits on top of your hair and does not penetrate. If you are using a product and you see the product squeezing out as you are twisting/braiding ,try to  literally squeeze and massage in the product. If you hair is still dry after this maybe it is not for you.

5. You’re Not Using a Leave-In Conditioner

.Leave in Is the base of adding moisture to your hair and it is so important. I am obsessed with leave in conditioners because to me this is the key to keeping my hair moisturized. If you need suggestion check out My Leave-In Conditioner Faves!

How do you keep your hair moisturized?

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Dry

  1. I used to have extremely dry hair even though I drank a lot of water and used water when needed. I did a lot of research on products, and found nothing wrong with what I was using. Nothing was working until I stopped trying to over moisturizer. I stopped playing in my hair. Usually, I would refresh my 2 cornrows a day, but recently I’ve been moisturizing my hair, braiding it in 2, then leave them in for that day and the day after. I would moisturize my hair every other day and try my best not to touch it as much. That’s really helped me see my new growth and the improvement of my hair altogether!


  2. Thanks so much it helped. entering the giveaway. my hair is dry bcus im broke😂😂😂 and i cant afford to give it nourishment with hair products thx for helping me💕


  3. Me and my mom have struggles with our very dry natural hair. I’m finally getting a handle on mine by deep conditioning every 4-5 days which I hope it isn’t too much because it works for my hair right now. But I need to find a good leave in conditioner but it is hard since I live in Hawaii which has zero black people so finding natural hair products is a struggle 😩

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    1. aw soeey to hear products are hard o find! Yes deep conditioning is a good way to start. Ordering on line may be your only option. But check out my article on leave ins! Maybe youll see something there that you can find in Hawaii!


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