Edge Care: How I Keep My Edges From Being Stressed Out


In elementary school I had a head full of hair and my mom combed it every morning before school. She did a lot of protective styles like twists and cornrows with beads but 70% of the time my hair would be in a big puff aka a ponytail. In the fourth grade my mom noticed that all the brushing and tugging everyday had caused my hairline to start receding, at 8 years old! My hair line was thinning and breaking. I stopped wearing pony tails as much and didn’t start wearing buns regularly till I got to high school. Some of it has grown back but my hair line is still very delicate as is the case for most people. Alopecia is also very prevalent in the women in my family. I try to take care of my edges because I know they are prone to getting jacked up to put it plainly. I rub Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges from time to time but realistically I don’t do that every night. I focus on how I treat them physically, and am preventative in that way. Here are some things I am weary of when styling so that my edges stay put.


  • I Dont Go For the Sleek Look Everyday…

Even though buns are good for protective styling, pulling your hair too tight to make the style look sleek can be hurtful to your edges. This is Especially true if you are brushing and pulling your hair in a bun every day, or if you sleep in a tight bun. Instead of pulling your hair so tight, do your bun and then place gel or pomade to get your hair to lay in place. Then tie a silk/satin scarf around your head to lay not only your edges but your whole head (except for the actual bun). This will help give you a sleek look without the tightness! I do buns a lot so this is the method I do often. Yes I apply gel to my edges but not every day.




  • Limiting my Time Wearing Wigs…

I wear wigs once in a while but I don’t think I  could commit to wearing one everyday. All the effort it takes to make the front look natural is very time consuming (and annoying, we all know I have hair) and put a lot of stress on my hair in the front. If you wear wigs every day, meaning you take it off at night, you may see your hairline thinning. Again wigs are a good protective style but you must be careful of your hairline thinning where you are placing the wig. All the friction happening on your hairline when you put it on and pull it off can cause breakage. Keep your edges moisturized and as healthy as possible so they can withstand the back and forth. This also goes for any leave out when you are wearing a wig or weave.

IMG_4593 (2)IMG_4597


  • Parting My Hair the Differently When Styling…

Even though we do different styles I know there are things we always do the same. One of these things is the way we part or hair. We are comfortable with our side part and slicking down the other side, or our middle part. Its cool to have a signature look but again if you keep doing that over and over your hair becomes used to it and will start to thin out with the pressure and friction you put on the same spot. Maybe part your hair to the other side one day or wear your hair with no part. Just to give your hair a break!




There is obviously a theme here ! #SwitchItUp. I know “the look” is super sleek super laid baby hairs etc. , even in the natural hair community but I personally think that shouldn’t be an everyday look.  You and I both need our edges, every day. It is in the very front of your hair which makes it so embarrassing when they’re not as their best health. Adding products and massaging your hair for stimulation is one part of keeping them healthy but the way you physically treat them is just as important. Give them a break, they don’t have to be working (laid zown) every day. 

Are your edges or your hairline a problem area for you? How do you prevent breakage in that area?

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