Outre Big Beautiful 4A Wig Review



I purchased this wig from wigtypes.com  Its my trusted wig site, it has  a variety of wigs at great prices. I got  the full lacefront wig in the color SB/30. There are brown streaks throughout which resemble the color in my own hair. This wig cost 25.99. Before purchasing this wig I watched MANY YouTube videos to see how it was styled and how others got it to look so realistic. I can say this wig gave me minimal tangling, minimal shedding and it is big head friendly! Keep scrolling for how i transformed this wig!



When the wig first comes it has very tight curls, to me it resembles a straw set. The hair is so soft and shiny, very good quality. It is a lacefront with hard lace. I cut the lace off as close to the hair line as I could. No plucking is necessary because you can wear this wig with a bang, and even if you don’t the hair look so realistic no one will be looking at your part. It is very easy to camouflage but we will come back to what I ended up doing about that.


I used my hands only to finger comb the whole wig, loosening and separating he curls. I had t do A LOT of this. Initially I was afraid of the wig getting too big, so I was tried to leave some curls in tact, especially around the front and the back. Here is how it looked after my first run through with my hands only.


It didn’t look terrible but I still felt like I wanted to comb it out more. Some may have stopped here but to me it honestly looked like a costume prop wig, and I wanted this wig to look like my hair because I KNEW it could.  This is when I got my brush and I started brushing the curls to make it more frizzy and realistic. I mostly focused on the roots and the hair but I tried to leave the curls at the ends. I was careful but I did a lot of brushing. Something was STILL off, which is when I noticed the wig had a kind of mullet shape. I cut a bit of hair at the back of the wig to give it a more round shape and not a square. This hair is very long and big, when stretched it comes down a little lower than bra strap length. When I shaped the wig in the back and cut some around the front, it looked way better. I then got the guts to wear it out, with no hair left out. I wore it parted to the side.


IMG_9069 (1)


I STILL thought it looked like a costume wig took wide toothed comb and brush and worked on it some more. Im trying to make it very clear that I brushed this wig out a lot to get it to look like my hair! Again I made sure to leave some curls at the ends. After that final brush out I was happy with it. I took the perimeter of my hair line out and put the wig directly behind it.


This made me feel more comfortable personally, but honestly its not even necessary. That’s how I’ve been wearing it the past week and no one can tell the difference between this and my regular hair. I don’t have to worry about my hair laying super flat underneath this wig because it is big and curly. However my hair is in cornrows straight back underneath. It feels super secure in the back (there are adjustable straps), so I literally put it on and go.  I think what I appreciate most about this wig is I can wear it anytime because I wear my actual hair like this often. I can wear it for one day then my real hair the next. I can always just plop it on and go. Everyone should have this wig, its so natural looking at the hair is so soft. There are also half wigs in this style available! Did i make this sound easy enough? Because it really was! Tell me what you think below!



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