4 Deep Conditioners You Should Try

I must say, I wasn’t always a believer in deep conditioners. This explains  why my list is so short! The idea of putting on product and leaving it on just to wash it out seemed like a waste of money. I also thought what can a deep conditioner or masque do that regular conditioner cant? You live and you learn.

Deep conditioning is the truth and will drastically change the health and moisture levels of your hair. These products are ALL amazing, moisturizing, and will definitely make your hair easy to detangle. We are all about easy!


TGIN Honey Miracle Mask



Available on Amazon

 Literally makes your hair the softest ever ever ever in life, melts away ALL tangles.


  Shea Moisture Anti Breakage Strengthening Masque

Available on Amazon

    Seeps into your hair and strengthens it. You definitely feel the difference after rinsing it out.


  Creme Of Nature Moisturizing Milk Masque                               


Available on Amazon



 Smells great and gives you hair a lot of moisture!


ORS Hair Mayonnaise


Available on Amazon


     Makes THE driest and most damaged hair very soft and moisturized!

I do product reviews regularly on my Instagram page, but if this post is helpful I will round them up and list them here! I would love to try new deep conditioners, which deep conditioners do you swear by?

7 thoughts on “4 Deep Conditioners You Should Try

  1. The tgin conditioner is the truth. I literally put everyone on to this conditioner. I wish you would have said like how often or when you use each of the deep conditioners. It was such a short post, I wanted to see more.


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