3 Key Tips To Getting the MOST Days Out Of Your Natural Hair Style


One of the keys to length retention is low manipulation of your hair. Doing your hair everyday can cause serious breakage and shedding. Getting the most days out of your style is super important to maintain length, healthy hair, and time! Because who has time to do their hair everyday?



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Use Moisturizing Products That Suit Your Hair

How long a style lasts has A LOT to do with the products you use. You want to use products that are going to lock moisture in, define your curls for the longest time possible, and control frizz.  Check out my post on the best Moisturizing Curl Creams I’ve tried.Having moisturized hair is what will allow it to have movement for many days and not be stiff and dry.


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Don’t Over Separate On The First Day.

We all know first day hair isn’t the most voluminous. Fluff and separate as you please BUT also allow your hair to naturally get bigger as the days progress while keeping definition, curl, and its shape. Over picking and fluffing may reverse all the work you’ve done while styling!



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Nightime Preservation

Pineapple your hair! Or do small puffs all around your head using elastic bands.  Make sure you wear a head scarf. Fluff your hair out and remember natural hair is NOT about it looking perfect! The moisture in your hair is what makes pineappleing WORK. Check out the post from naturallycurly.com where I got these pictures. Its really helpful for this point! — www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curly-hair-care-methods/9-ways-to-sleep-with-curls

Its this easy guys. Maybe the toughest part is finding the right products but follow these steps and you’ll be having day 8, 9 and 10 hair!


How many days can you currently get out out of a style?


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