4 Steps To Preventing Breakage in Natural Hair and Retaining Length

Cutting down breakage is the first step to long hair. Length retention is the key to healthy growing hair! Here are 4 steps that’ll help!

 Protein Treatments 

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Protein treatments are great for strengthening your hair and battling breakage. You should do one about 1-2 times a month. You can find homemade recipes for protein treatments, their main ingredients being eggs and mayo. My favorite protein treatment is the Aphogee Two Minute Intensive Keratin Reconstructor. I followed the directions on the bottle and I did see some improvement in my curls.

Low Manipulation Styling

Style your hair once for the week to avoid over manipulating your hair. All the combing, brushing , and tugging at your hair (even if it is moisturized), can weaken your strands and contribute to breakage. This is why low manipulation is the number one key to length retention. The more you manipulate your hair the more you are prone to stands snapping and breaking.

Silk/Satin Head Scarf OR Silk Pillowcase

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Having a silk pillowcase has actually changed my life. Some days I don’t wear a head scarf when going to bed, and the days I do I know that if it falls off my pillow case got me. Cotton can be rough on your hair. The friction of your hair against cotton when your rolling around while sleeping can cause breakage. This extra step will make a difference.


Detangling is unfortunately something we must all do and that is where I personally lose the most hair. I lose hair both due to shedding and breakage. We all know to avoid detangling when hair is dry, that will cause breakage breakage breakage. You should detangle hair filled with product, the best time being when you have conditioner or deep conditioner in your hair. I used to finger detangle while deep conditioning but I had to stop because I was losing WAY too much hair. *Finger detangling is what is recommended for length retention and cutting down on shedding but the results I got were the exact opposite. Firstly it took SO much time, I heard even more snapping and popping than I usually did, and it was just too much work. I still minimally finger detangle during wash day but I stick to using my wide tooth combs to help do most of the work. This is another example of knowing when a technique just doesn’t work for you.*


Breakage is the enemy but you CAN conquer it! Nape breakage and breakage around the edges are the most common but by being easy on your hair you can combat that. Be easy on your hair, try some low manipulation styles and take your time with detangling! Your hair is a direct reflection of how you treat it.

How do you combat breakage in a way that works for you?

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