Mens Natural Hair Guide

Welcome to A Quick Guide on Natural Hair for Men!

The guys have been feeling left out, and I do have some men followers! I appreciate you. You can also share these tips with men you know, family members, friends, etc. Nowadays the trend is for guys to have an afro or a high top fade, that showcases their curls. Of course they don’t want their curls to be dry and crusty.  So , here’s a quick guide and tips on how to take care of your hair! Be sure to check out the guide and pictures at the end!

  • No one likes a flaky dry scalp, massage oil in there sometimes! Any oil will work, for example virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil. These oils, especially coconut, will make you hair glisten and look healthy and moisturized. 

Image result for coconut oil; Image result for coconut oil;Image result for coconut oil;


  • Use any shampoo/conditioner. Be sure that the conditioner is moisturizing and makes your hair easy to detangle (which is what all conditioners should do). Wash your hair as needed but weekly is fine.
  • Use products that will enhance your curls! The product needs to give your curls definition and keep your hair moisturized. If you can’t find one product that does both, find in a good leave in conditioner that will help with the moisture. Here’s a link to moisturizing curl creams and my favorite leave in conditioners.
  • Have a wide tooth comb and a pick, to brush out any dead hair and to detangle hair.  *Be careful of picking out hair too often, you don’t want to perpetuate breakage and have little hairs all over the place*

Image result for afro picImage result for wide tooth comb

  • When two strand twisting your hair, use a thicker product. To keep them looking fresh and looking moisturized after some time, lightly spritz twists with water and rub them (lightly! Don’t wanna create frizz) with a leave-conditioner, oil, or both.
  • For bedtime, your hair is gonna be too high for a durag, so you can join bonnet gang to prevent breakage or dryness.

Related image

  • Use water! It is the best moisturizer. Even if it’s a quick spray down every day, a spray bottle is a good to have. A spray bottle with plain water is just fine.


Trusted Natural Hair Routine From a Guy – Pictures Below!

 by Timothy Smith

*Pictures -Timothy Smith and Akil Campbell*


Okay nowadays I usually get my hair curly when I take out my twists and my hair is stretched but you can also use this routine on freshly washed hair…

 -Things I use are:

 Spray bottle

 Leave in conditioner


 Curling cream


 Towel (optional)

 1.  Using your spray bottle to wet your hair. Not two little spritz I mean DRENCH your hair especially if it’s long. I usually spray until it’s dripping and I usually put a towel over my clothes so I don’t get wet. By now you should see a few curls coming in.

 2. Next is leave in I usually scoop a glob with my finger and rub it all over my hair. Since my hair is long I usually scoop two or three globs of it until my hair feels soft all over.

 3. Next is oil. I usually use either coconut oil or olive oil. I get some in my hands rub it together and rub it all over my hair.

 4. Next is curling cream get a big glob of it rub it in your hands. But here’s my technique, don’t rub it in like the leave in. What you wanna do is form your hand as if it’s holding an invisible apple, or like a monster with long nails about to scratch you. Then with the product in your hands rub the product in your hair in a circular motion, kind of the same motion of using a sponge brush this helps form the curls. While doing this motion shake your hair side to side or up and down whatever you feel comfortable with. And make you’re doing both of these actions very fast. Shaking your hair helps clump the curls together.

 5. After this shake your hair, and I mean SHAKE. For 30 seconds shake your hair as hard as you can. Side to side, up and down, and also bend over and shake your hair while your head is completely upside down. This will definitely clump up your curls.

 After that last step your hair should be curly enough but what I usually like to do to make it even curlier is add gel to it. I basically do the same thing I do with the curling cream to my hair but with gel instead. This will make your hair hard when it dries however but it will be worth it.

 -Make sure after you’re done shake two or three more times and because of all the water your hair will shrink up. Use a pick to lift your roots and have your hair look longer. Also because of all the product your hair will appear white at first, it will go away when it dries but I usually do my hair half an hour or 20 minutes before I leave my room.

 This process takes about 10 minutes to and I’ve been doing it for a while and it’s always worked I’ve also put some of my friends on to this method and it worked for them also.





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You can follow them on instagram—> @_timmstagram and @relaxnrelive!


Hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to comment below with anything you learned or have tried before and share it with the men in your life ! xo

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