How to Get Out of A Rut

When you do not want to anything that would move your life forward (or that requires energy that you don’t have). i.e. working out, studying, applying to jobs, cleaning, writing, promoting your personal projects, making those doctors appointments because who else is gonna do it, laundry , the list goes on and on and on and …on.

You have no oomph, no gusto, and no energy on reserve to muster up. Do you have energy to watch Netflix? Absolutely. If a friend wants to meet up for dinner, will you say no? Nope, you will ask when and where. You’ll be there.


rut 2

So what is it that you’re lacking , that will allow you to participate in activities that feed your social soul but do not necessarily “progress” your life? Your Will. No, will as in the will to do something.  You know , the want? Now of course we all want to have a life that is great as a result of my hard work and blah blah – but I don’t want to do what it takes right now. So what to, do what to do. Instead of equivocate; you must deal with this head on. You do this by revisiting. No not revisiting my friends or NetflixRevisiting your purpose. Not the purpose of “I want to do better in life”, we’re already clear on that fact. Instead we need to get in touch with the purpose of why and how this task will help you in the long run. Whether I am doing this task for the first time, or I’ve been doing it and I just don’t feel like doing it again.  Purpose is a strong word. Your purpose, your reason, your truth. Everything we do has purpose, whether it is a bridge to something better or it just is in itself THE purpose.

Now that I’ve said that word 5 times, I’m going to assume you get the point. Identify it, make yourself familiar again, and push through. That’s the 3 step follow through call to action. Do itDo that, then literally do whatever “it” is. Yes the funk and fears will come, and you can sit in it for a little while. You’re not a robot! You have feelings and needs, you get burned out. But when you know its time to get back (and I know you know when you know) push through it and get back.

xo Stephanie.

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