Heatless Curls for Natural Hair : Tips Included

Here are TWO styles that i use to get heatless curls. They look the same as wand curls, only difference being they take a little while to dry. If you are someone who doesn’t like to use heat , these methods will work for you. Heatless curl hair styles are great for the holidays. Also scroll to the very end to see my wand curls and tips!


Flexi Rod Set


Flexi Rod Set
Flexi Rod Set before Separation
Heatless Curls 4B Hair
Heatless Curls 4B Hair



  • Use different sized flexi rods for more volume. Different colors = different sizes.
  • ROPE your hair around the rod for a wand curl look instead of a curlformer look.
  • Your hair needs to be a little damp for the curls to form and hold. Using a pudding/cream/custard will help along with a tiny bit of gel. DONT overload on products or else your hair will not dry.
  • Stretch your hair before this style. Also stretch your hair as you rope it around the flexi rod for elongated curls.
  • When taking them down coat the curls with oil before separating to avoid frizz.


Bantu Knots


Bantu Knots on 4B hair
Bantu Knots on 4B Hair


  • You get the wand curl look by twisting the hair around itself. If you two strand twist before doing bantu knots you will get a different curl pattern.
  • Use a product with hold, it doesn’t have to be a gel.
  • Leave the knots in for as long as possible to get the most days out of the style when you take them down.
  • When taking them down coat the curls with oil before separating to avoid frizz. (Although Bantu knots are less susceptible to frizz.)


Wand Curls


Wand Curls on Natural Hair
Wand Curls on Natural Hair


  • Blow dry hair first. USE heat protectant! You dot have to blow dry it super straight, but the more you blow dry, the longer your curls will be.
  • Wand in small sections for the most curls. Wand big sections and separate for bigger curls.
  • Wrap and hold hair around the wand for about 15-20 seconds, then hold the curl together off the wanding iron to hold the curl’s shape.

*photos pictured were at the end of the day , the curls dropped.

I hope these tips help! if done properly all these curls look very similar. I will be doing a video really soon on all three of these on YouTube and Instagram. Make sure you follow me to look out for it! What styles are you planning to do for the holidays?



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