Lemonade Feed In Braids

I got these braids on 12/28 on an impulse because I took the day off from work. I have been wanting to protective style for a while now.

I got my hair done at Elegance House Creations Salon in Queens, NY. This is the same place I got feed-in braids for the first time which you can read about here. My hair was not freshly washed but washed a few days before, and it was mostly stretched. Before braiding the stylist blow dried my hair with a comb attached. These took about 3-4 hours to get done. I bought two packs of pre-stretched braiding hair. I got black hair with brown on the ends to kind of match the dark brown color I have in my hair now.


These braids cost $95 which is a good price. Most braiding places start at $100 for box braids and charge additional money based on the length. The longer you want the braids, the more money. I love them so far, its definitely something different for me. I have been wanting these braids for a while but I was afraid they wouldn’t fit my head shape (my head is really big). My goal is to keep them in for one month. This will be a struggle because one I like to change my hair A LOT, and two my scalp is already giving me problems! Anytime I get braids my scalp get super flaky and itchy within the first week. This also happened the last time I got the feed in braids. I especially struggle with this in the front of my head which is the worst possible place. Tea tree oil is usually what gets me through this, so I am going to try that along with other oils to keep my scalp under control. I want to keep them as neat as possible for as long as possible because I do not want to style my hair anytime soon!


8 thoughts on “Lemonade Feed In Braids

  1. Your scalp might be getting itchy from the braiding hair. Maybe you are allergic to it? I know a number of people who have that problem and they usually solve it by soaking the braiding hair to get the film off of it before having their hair braided. Nonetheless I think the style looks great on you!

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