Beard Products Explained – Ladies Put Your Man ON!

Ladies, (and men who might be reading for themselves), this is quick mini rundown about what you need to know about beard care (emphasis on quick and mini!).

Take these tips and share it with the men in your life. What’s better than telling him what to do! (And helping him with his beard in the process.)  You can even pick them up a few of the products mentioned based on what he may need specifically as a Valentine’s Day gift. (Or just read this then tell him these tips so it makes it look like you know what you’re talking about!)

Men with beards may not know the difference between oils and butters for their beard hair (I barely did), and it can be confusing. Here are a few of the things I learned.

 I got all this info from so feel free to check out their site!

I know there are many companies out there with products specifically for beard care. I just featured an image from Shea Moisture line because I feel like it was the first hair company to branch out and cater to beards. I may be wrong!

Cleansing Your Beard

If you have a short beard, wash it every day or whenever you wash your face. If you have a long beard, wash it once or twice weekly with shampoo.

Use Beard Oil After Washing

Beard oil softens the hair and makes sure skin the beard is growing from is moisturized. You want your face to soak up the oil without weighing down your beard. Use beard oil after washing your beard to make stubble less prickly.

Beard Butter

Beard butter helps lock in moisture. It makes the beard soft and manageable, gives it light hold, and keeps beard in place.

Beard balm

Beard Balm is waxy like pomade. It meant to tame flyaways, especially if you have a long beard (This is NOT a product for all over!)

General Beard Tips

The skin under your beard is the key to optimum hair growth. Be sure to keep it clean!

Yes your beard can get heat damage! Don’t use heat to dry, it can make beard hair dry and brittle.

Beard do get denser with age, be patient. The older you get, the more the hair will grow in!

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