Finally Something That Relieves My Itchy Scalp! *Warning* It’s DIY !

I have suffered from itchy scalp recently and I don’t know why! I think I fell too deep into the co-washing craze! I returned to shampoo and even though I found some good ones, I was still itchy!

Now I have found something that has worked for me ….

ACV a.k.a Apple Cider Vinegar!

Now I know what I would be thinking at this point.

“Something I have to make myself? *Clicks out of article*” But no, WAIT! It’s really not hard.

I bought a spray bottle just for wash day (because what we aren’t going to do is have my every day spray bottle smelling like vinegar). I had organic apple cider vinegar in my home that I could use. It isn’t the ACV with “the mother” in it. It is not the Braggs brand and it still works. (I got mine from Walmart.)

I fill my bottle with one part AVC and two parts water. This means I put in some ACV (less than a quarter of the spray bottle) and I put double the amount of water as the ACV to dilute it.

I part my hair in four sections. Working in sections I spray and rub the mixture onto my scalp. Then I rub it in again once my whole scalp has the mixture on it. I leave it in for 15 mins (okay till whenever my show is over) and then wash it out. If I have any of the mixture leftover I spray my scalp again or pour it over my hair as I’m washing it out. I don’t save it.

If I want that day, I use a little conditioner just to get the smell out. I do this step first so I will most likely be deep conditioning afterwards. My wash day steps are ACV scalp rinse, a little conditioner, deep condition. 

 That’s it! My scalp does not itch anymore! Not even till the next wash day.

Doing my research afterwards (which is so backwards) I found that rinsing your scalp with ACV is like a detox. The pores on your scalp can get clogged with oil, dirt, and products. ACV helps unclog and get rid of those impurities!

Give it a try, using it on my scalp only has made so much of a difference for me. Have you tried it already and loved/hated it? Comment and back me up (or not).  Also if you try it, be sure to let me know! I know how annoying an itchy scalp can be and how embarrassing dandruff can be (I have also seen a decrease in that as well!I hope this easy fix helps!

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