So… I Realized Money Wouldn’t Make Me Happy…

 So…I realized money would not make me happy.

*I’m doing something different this week and collaborating with another great blogger! She has awesome content similar to this post over on! Be sure to read till the end to find out about “You Aren’t Rich Until You Have Something Money Cant Buy”*

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I was watching my Snapchat like I usually do and came across the story of a YouTuber who is my age that I have been following for a long time. Of course I don’t know her in real life but I have always connected and related to her. She has been open with struggles she has with her self-esteem and sadness. Of course to me she is

  • Super pretty
  • Looks great
  • Seems successful because of her YouTube channel
  • She has her own house
  • She has her own car
  • Is able to take care of her daughter on her own,
  • Is her own boss making money off YouTube.


But we know how that goes. The grass is always greener where ever you’re not.

In her Snapchat she spoke about how she had spent the previous day crying all day and feeling depressed about all her issues, but today she decided it was a new day.She said she was leaving yesterday’s problems there and was determined to feel better today. (Like I said, very relatable!)

I have been in that position many times. So to feel better she got out of the house (good call) and took a shopping trip (another very good call). She had many bags from Neiman Marcus, H&M, Forever 21, and more.  This is because of course she can afford it! She has been a YouTuber for years and has worked hard at it. But seeing all the bags is when it hit me.

giphy warning

*WARNING: This is the point. Don’t miss it.*

She could’ve taken that shopping trip yesterday or the day before.

She could’ve taken hat shopping trip EVERYDAY and still have money in the bank.

She could go vacation once a month in extravagant places with all her money and still be working via YouTube.

But even with all these things she would be able to do, she would STILL have a day like the one she had the day before. 

Rich people always say money doesn’t solve problems. I’m here to tell you oh yes it does. But …

It cannot prevent you from having a bad day. It can help fix it, but…

It can’t help your health get better if you’re terminally ill. It can help you spend the time you have left in the best way, but…

It won’t stop your loved one from making bad decisions that hurts themselves and everyone around them. The money can allow you to get them help but…

The list goes on and on. Money can only fix but so much.


I’ve spent my whole life thinking money would allow me to never have a bad day again. Whether it was caused by me or someone else. And yesterday for the FIRST TIME I realized that’s simply not true. This is such an epiphany for me! I have bad days All. The. Time. I have a job, I have a place to sleep, I have food to eat and I’m thinking I’m having bad days because I’m not where I want to be and I haven’t achieved all my goals which are supposed to provide me money and get me somewhere. Only to realize I could feel this way inside a penthouse? Or on a yacht?

I am really dead.

Now of course you can’t avoid bad days for the rest of your life but you can focus and work on what would make you happier. You can’t just throw money at self-esteem, weight issues, family problems, loneliness, feeling inadequate, etc. That takes real work from the one person it affects the most – YOU.


So my first thought was “ok after I’ve done all this work to get all this money, it won’t even  make me happy?!” The disrespect. Instead of chasing money, what should I be focusing on instead ?


What would I be so passionate about and willing to work for, that the money coming with it would just be the icing on the cake? Now I thought of my answer in the moment but I will work on it and save that for another post. However I’m charging you to really think about it!

While you do that , remember this is a collab blog post so be sure to check out Janiel’s post over on her site about  “You Aren’t Rich Until You Have Something Money Cant Buy”.

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