Why & What I Write in 4 Journals Daily

I love to write, hence this blog! I write down everything and come back to it later, meaning I am scribbling everywhere all the time. I have 4 journals (and counting ) that I write in daily. I love picking up little cute journals while shopping and collecting them so I will always have a new one on hand! Here are the 4 types of journals I currently have and what I use each of them for!

What I Am Grateful for Daily

I use this journal specifically for writing down something I’m grateful for DAILY. Every day I find at least one thing and I write it. I don’t write things like “drove safely” or “woke up today” because those are fillers. I get as specific as possible, even when I’ve had a rough day. I’ve been doing this for 3 months so far (since the start of 2018) and it has made such a difference to me. Throughout the day I’m definitely making note of all the good that is happening to me so I can write it later. It is rare that I only have one thing to be grateful for by the end of the day. If you take nothing else from this post, I suggest you start doing this.

My Daily Thoughts

I carry this book around with me daily. In this I input blog ideas, Instagram ideas, to do lists, phone interview prep, you name it. If I don’t write things down everything flies out my brain and I can’t remember. I have been like this since high school, I used to joke (but was actually serious) that I needed a personal assistant to help me juggle everything. Writing thoughts down and being able to look at it later puts me in the same exact mind frame I had when writing it (which is good) and it allows me to add new things and just document everything.

Tracking My Goals

I used to put my goals for the year in the journal above, but this year I decided to buy a specific journal for my goals. I bought the “This is My Year” journal by Myleik Teele available at mytaughyou.com. Her podcast has blessed me tremendously in setting goals, boundaries, career advice, relationship advice, you name it. I wrote my goals in this journal (both yearly and monthly goals) and now I check in every week on them. Writing down your goals helps you when you are touching base and assessing your progress. She also has some pages in this book designed to help you do this efficiently. This is my second year writing my goals and IT WORKS. I think I’ll do a whole blog post on this because if you’re not already writing down what you want to happen in your life, you need to.

A Prayer Journal

This prayer journal was gifted to me by someone I admire at my church. It was a small token of appreciation from her but its one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. It’s very compact and has bible verses on the bottom of every page which is awesome. I started out writing in this daily as a prayer journal but I couldn’t keep up with that. Now I write in it just as a journal of my feelings and whatever I feel like expounding on to myself and God. I write all my worries and fears OR my recent accomplishments and good days. When I’m done writing I pray about whatever I wrote and (try) to leave it there and have faith that Gods will will be done. It’s amazing to go back and read something I was worrying about 3 months ago and how it has come to be solved.


I love writing to express my feelings and I love writing just to remind me of anything I want to remember. I would LOVE to make an actual honest hair diary filled with prompts, exercises, daily affirmations and more. This is me speaking it into existence so let’s just say it’s coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “Why & What I Write in 4 Journals Daily

  1. Love this! I also have a lot of different journals for different things and my sister would always ask why I have so many and not just one with everything, lol Sadly I don’t write in them as often as I should, but there’s only for my blog, goals and daily thoughts/feelings.

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