My 4 Favorite Things Right Now

Nubian Décor Hair Jewelry

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This hair jewelry definitely adds spice to my braids! They are very similar to the little gold jewelry I can buy at the beauty supply store but only in looks. This is actually made from wire sal. Each piece is handmade, some are finished with Swarvoski detail. And I will be able to always keep them and not throw them out after I take out my braids. They’re so pretty and definitely quality! Nubian Décor has all different kinds of hair jewelry. You can find them at

nubian decor pic

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I went to the dermatologist recently and I am so glad I did! I want to write a post about the things he told me that were so mind blowing to me! Anyway it caused me to kind of shake up my whole face routine, while still feeding my addition to try new skincare. I love Cerave, especially the moisturizing cream. I featured it in my creams for dry skin here.

I had been seeing a lot of people loving the hydrating face wash so I bought it for 10.99. After using it I had to check the bottle to see if I had bought a bottle of lotion by mistake. It literally felt like I was washing my face with lotion. I could not believe it! My face felt super moisturized after washing. I began to wonder “what if my face is getting moisture but not actually being cleaned?” Because of this I wash my face twice. I’ve been using it for about a month and I have had no problems with breakouts or not being cleansed! If you have super dry skin like me this product is IT. Click the picture to buy it on Amazon!

Forever 21 Headbands

I wore headbands almost every day in high school so that by the time HS was over I was sick and tired of them! I associated them with things younger kids should wear. I did not wear a headband of any kind for maybe 6 years – until this year. I randomly picked two up in forever 21 because they’re really inexpensive and it was cute. And now I’m fake headband mami again! It’s great for when you have like day 8 hair that really needs to be done but there’s still some definition. You slap on the headband and you immediately look like you did something. Also sometimes my hairstyle may not fall exactly how I want it in terms of the shape of my hair. I can use the head band as a quick fix. See an examplebelow!


Curls Blueberry bliss Control Paste

I started using this because I wanted to stop using gel on my edges. (Video on this soon!) This little container is $9 !! I couldn’t believe it! I was like okay for all this money you BETTER work. And it truly does! It holds down my edges (disclaimer: my edges are not thick and unruly), and sometimes I use this to slick down the front of my hair when doing buns. Instead of a watery gel feel it’s more like a sticky pomade. A further review of this product will be on my YouTube channel. I am 100% okay with switching this out for gel. Of course not on my whole head but for my edges and touch ups its good enough. Click the picture to buy it on Amazon!

If you try any of these products please let me know! If you already have tell me your thoughts & if you agree with how I feel about them!

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