Aztec Clay Mask Review: Curl Revival

Okay who hasn’t heard of this stuff? Its supposedly magic, will cure all your sickness and wash away all your sins blah blah.

Aztec clay contains 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, free of any additives, fragrances, or animal products. It can be used to treat and soothe cuts, wounds, bruises, and carpel tunnel syndrome. rashes, insect bites, eczema and psoriasis.

I got this from Amazon (get it here), the smallest size. Believe me when I say this stuff will last you a long time!  Before I got into how I used this on my hair, I used this on my face. I had a terrible experience. I would suggest testing it and seeing how it reacts on your face before using it multiple times.

Back to hair, I’ve done this once! I mixed this clay with equal parts water to make a pasty type of consistency. It was a little messy which is why I don’t think I’ve done it again. I left it on my hair until the paste got hard. My only tip during this process is try not to get any on your scalp because it will take super long to get out. Rinsing was a bit of an ordeal because one there’s a load of clay in your hair duh, and I had gotten some on my scalp. However…

My curls were the curliest I have ever seen them in my life. My hair had no product but was very very curly and soft. I don’t know what the clay did but if I ever try to do a wash and go I will surely use this clay first. It defined every curl I had, even in my problem areas. My hair also looked very uniform curl wise which was cool!

I would do this again, maybe with apple cider vinegar and see how that changes my results.

Comment if you’ve tried this mask before! Also let me know if you would like me to share my experience of when I used it on my skin!

5 thoughts on “Aztec Clay Mask Review: Curl Revival

  1. I used to use this mixture on my face during the summer, but found it too harsh. However this Aztec clay mask wonders for my curls!

    The results are noticeable after 1 use. I love it!

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  2. I use it on my face from that little sample I had gotten and it was harsh. My skin had marks from where it had cracked and it was red. BUT my skin was cleeeaaannnnn. I think the next time I do it I’ll just have a soothing face mask handy cause about half hour after I moisturized my face was fine. I think the redness came from the increased blood flow. I would try it again though.

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