6 Styling Hacks Applicable to Every Hair Style

  1.  Braid/twist your hair the way you want it to fall. This helps with volume and shape when you have your finished style.
  2. if your ends don’t curl naturally like mine, twist them or curl them another way! You can do this using bantu knots, perm rods, etc. Anything that can give your ends a little curl. Having straight out ends ruins a style!
  3. Separate carefully to avoid frizz. Hold your hair taut can help you to see where your hair wants to naturally separate. Frizz starts when you separate, you have the control!
  4. After washing, allow hair to air dry 75% before styling for more volume. Although I don’t do this anymore, it does work. I don’t do it anymore because I hate working on dry hair, it takes more time because it’s less pliable. So I just deal with “first day hair” and wait for it to become more voluminous as the days pass.
  5. Pre Poo for an easier wash day. The oils will help soften and moisturize your hair while dramatically helping lessen the time it takes to detangle.
  6. Detangle as much as possible while shampooing then really detangle while your conditioner or deep conditioner is in.Always detangle wile your hair is wet!

I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post and that these hacks helped! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these before!

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