This App Will Reveal How Toxic Your Hair and Beauty Products Are…

How much do you care about the ingredients in your hair and beauty products?

When the Eco Styler Gel drama emerged (about this gel having ingredients that were skin irritants and carcinogens), the natural hair community was in an uproar about long terms health effects that products can have on your body. Then as most things do, it all died down.

Here we are a few months later and after watching the Instragram story of a blogger I look up to @lola.akw , I saw an app she was talking about and thought of this same subject matter. After experiencing some health issues recently, I began to take my diet and overall health A LOT more seriously. I understood the importance of a good diet and that we should treat our bodies well if we want them to do right by us. Shouldn’t we have the same concern about what we absorb in our skin and scalp through the every day products we use?

The app is called THINK DIRTY. Typing in the name of any product or scanning its bar code reveals to you how dangerous the product is on a scale of 1-10.


You can search up over one million products it has in its database. It explains why the products received that rating, and all the toxic ingredients it contains. You can search in many categories such as hair dye, eye shadow, lotion, oral hygiene, night cream, hair care, fragrance, and more!


Here is how the app looks, using some examples of products I use:





I was shocked at these results and honestly this is really scary! Out of all the dangeous ingredients, carcinogens and talc scare me the most. Thankfully there are some products I use that are 3 and below, meaning they are safe to use.

Eventually I would like to transition into using products that only contain pure ingredients. I use mostly drugstore products and I’ve found they include many preservatives that allow them to sit on the shelf for extended periods of time. (Just like canned foods, ew!)

I won’t be throwing anything out just yet but using this app as a first step, I will be phasing out products that are above a 7 on this app. I will also keep this app in mind when restocking on products I use everyday like lotion, makeup, soap, and hair products. I definitely recommend you download this free app and take a look for yourself and research the products you use!

Do you the ingredients in your products mater? Do you think this app is legit?

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