3 Reasons Exclusion needs to Stop In the Natural Hair Community

Natural hair TO ME (read that again, that means this is how i personally feel) is hair that is not permed or chemically processed to be straight. It means that you wearing your hair how it comes out of your head. Now, there are natural hair nazis out there that take every opportunity to call out other women and tell them all the reasons they can’t be apart of the natural hair community. That is so so wrong.

They usually attack people who wear weaves, wigs, or straighten their natural hair. To them natural hair is curly or kinky afro and if it doesn’t have that look you cant be in the “club”. When I look in the comments of natural hair repost pages I can’t believe the negativity I’m reading sometimes.

Here are 3 reasons why I feel this needs to stop.

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1. Protective styling is a thing!

Protective styling has quite a few benefits and to look down on it is ridiculous. Benefits include:

-extreme length retention

-getting a break from doing your hair

– decrease in breakage

-getting a break from doing your hair

-being able to try a new look without too much commitment 


2. Heat is NOT the enemy!

To keep it honest, I have mixed feelings on this one. After being there and doing that, being delivered from heat damage, only to get heat damage again, I feel like you’re not doing yourself a favor by straightening your hair religiously. However, this doesn’t make you any less natural than me. The best part about having natural hair is the versatility of it! Straightening your hair is not making a permanent change to the structure or make up of your natural hair. It’s just another way you can wear your hair! It’s literally just another style. Why should it be treated any different? Cause of heat? If you use it safely there is no reason to be panicked.


3. Who Cares?

Why are you so concerned with someone else’s hair or how they choose to label themselves? As inclusive as the natural hair community is, of course there is still division. There have to be negative nancys. Natural hair has been and still even if looked down upon in some spaces, so for individuals in this community to do the same to others is really…odd.



If you are one of these people I hope this post helps deliver you from that attitude. Tell me your thoughts below!

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Exclusion needs to Stop In the Natural Hair Community

  1. This was a cool post. Even though I’m newly natural, I have always gotten on my family (family only lol) for calling themselves natural, yet having colored hair. Even though it’s their natural, relaxer free, hair growing out of their scalp, the color is not lol. What are your thoughts on this? Since permanent hair dye is a chemical, wouldn’t that mean that one is no longer natural, but processed? This would be another great blog post.

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  2. People are too much, lol.

    Having colored hair doesn’t mean you aren’t natural. Your curls are still there. Some people just wanna add that extra mmmph & get creative.

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