Why I No Longer Finger Detangle

Finger detangling was actually a terrible experience for me. I thought it would get easier the more I tried but it just got worse.

I tried finger detangling when it was all the rage and the key to length retention.


I had been struggling with breakage at the time and I thought that finger detangling would dramatically decrease my breakage. Nope, made it worse.

I had never detangled my hair dry so I did this while deep conditioner was in my hair.  I had to put in a decent amount product to get my hands to move freely throughout my hair. Even so, this was such a bad experience for me!

I lost So. Much. Hair.

My hair became frizzy and it made my head hurt, hands hurt, left me frustrated. In my opinion overall it caused me even more breakage. I could feel my hair snapping as I would fight the tangles in my hair with my hands. It was such a long process and added so much time to my wash day (tips for how to cut your wash day in half here).

This is an example of doing what works for you and not following all techniques you see on Youtube (or a blog). I’ve since gone back to combs, finger detangling very briefly when my deep conditioner is in and then going in with a wide tooth comb. Have you ever tried finger detangling?

Leave a comment below telling me something that works for everyone else but not you!

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