4 Lessons I Learned After Getting My Natural Hair Professionally Done

When I went to Textured Press, not only did i get a bomb silk press, read about that here, I also learned SO much. Here are my top 4 lessons I learned!

1.Shampoo and Conditioner have A LOT to do with Moisture Retention

So I’m gonna be giving shampoo and conditioner MUCH more attention and putting them to the test! Throughout my hair journey I had just accepted “OK shampoo is drying, and regular conditioner serves no purpose.” It was all about cowash and deep conditioner, as well as ACV rinses. But Ebony totally changed my mind on that! She explained your shampoo and conditioner should be doing its job, both cleaning AND  hydrating your hair! Your moisture retention all starts during the wash day process, not the styling products.
When talking to Ebony about my hair I mentioned I wash my hair weekly, and if I don’t I re-moisturize with my spray bottle. Her response to that was why is your hair dry? I couldn’t believe she thought my hair was dry! I explained I used the water to “reset” the moisture in my hair. She explained that adding water to my hair so often is actually very drying to my hair. Even if its making my hair a bit damp before adding product every time I restyle my hair. She compared it to showering and not putting on any lotion after. If you’re always wetting you hair but not using the right products to seal it he moisture its counterproductive. She then challenged me to a new goal! Waiting at least 10 days in between washing my hair/using any water on my hair. Stay tuned for an update on that!

2. Deep Conditioners May be a Scam

Questions for you…
What does your deep conditioner do that your regular conditioner shouldn’t be doing? Why are we using two products?
Why are the ingredients different?
Why are they two products instead of one?
Ebony dared me to think about that and I’m sad that I did because now I see the light!  Just to be clear conditioning your hair is important! But your regular conditioner SHOULD be giving your hair that intense moisture a deep conditioner is giving. If it is, then we don’t need to deep condition for extended amounts of time every week! I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please be sure to comment below!

3. Using Products Effectively

When conditioning my hair, Ebony only put conditioner on the ends of my hair/lower half of my strands and it blew my mind.
Y’all to be honest, at one point I used to put DC on my scalp like shampoo (yes you can pause to laugh), but that was before I knew what exactly it was supposed to be doing ! Now I put it all over my hair then wash. However by only putting it on my ends saves product and time! Your ends are the driest part of your hair and they need the extra attention. Also,  the shampoo you used right before it should’ve given your strands moisture already. Focus on the ends giving them some extra love and move on!

4.The Best Way to Preserve Straight Hair

I had always preserved my straight hair by wrapping it every night. As time went on and my hair started to become less straight I would do pin curls. Pin curls would keep my hair for straight longer and give it a curly look! After talking about how I would be preserving my silk press it turns out I had things backwards!
She suggested pin curling freshly straightened hair to keep your curls and ends intact for as long as possible. Then, when your roots start to becomes straight wrapping your hair will help lay them down and keep them straighter for longer. Nothing is wrong with what I was doing but of course her way made much more sense.


I hope you valued the lessons I shared in this blog post! I’ve been natural for a while and am still amazed at all the new things I learn and changes I make to my routines. Comment below if you’ve learned something as well!

Be sure to check out TexturedPress.com and if you’re in NYC book an appoint during their pop up from Feb 10-24!


Learn more about my visit here.

10 thoughts on “4 Lessons I Learned After Getting My Natural Hair Professionally Done

  1. Yes! I’ve use my regular conditioner as a deep conditioner now which is to say I just leave it on for 10 minutes. We don’t need more than than. I’ve seen much better results switching to shampoo weekly versus cowashing.

    Curious what made you decide to straighten your hair right now. It looks so luscious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve recently was watching a video where someone was saying they don’t deep condition. And now seeing it here… is it a sign? lol
    It sounds very appealing because I find applying a DC and then having to get back in the shower to rinse it out too much (aka I’m lazy)! Tfs what you’ve learned 🙂


    1. That’s interesting! Lol I definitely find it super important to DC but I use a little less product. But I know it does make wash day longer 😦 Thank you for reading!


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