My First Human Hair Wig under $200! Straight 360 Lace Frontal

I was tired of buying synthetic wig one after the other, not being able to do much with the hairline and the wig itself not holding up past a few weeks. I decided it was time to graduate to the adult wig hood and buy my first human hair full lace wig…

Things I feared happening included getting scammed out of my money, getting a wig that wasn’t true to the picture on the site, shipping taking forever, the hair not truly being 100% human, and the hair excessively shedding once I received it.

After much YouTube research I bought this wig from Everyone had good things to say and I was able to find plenty of unsponsored reviews. I also researched Instagram to see how they held up on people after time! has a variety of wig styles, hair types, and textures. I decided to go with the pre plucked full lace wig because it only cost a bit more than a regular lace front. I got the Straight 360 Lace Frontal Wigs Peruvian Human Hair AOP01,20 inches, 180% DensityNatural ColorMedium cap size, and a light brown Lace Color. See the direct link below.


All in all this wig cost $174 plus $11 for shipping.

They do have different wig cap sizes available and I was considering getting the biggest one. I’ve worn many wigs so even though I have a big head I know that if I braid down my hair flat enough a regular sized wig cap will fit just fine, which is medium.

One thing that I’m not super knowledgeable on is hair density! It threw me off when I saw you were able to choose between 150% and180%, thinnest to thickest respectively. The more density you requested meant more cost as well. After doing more research I found that in terms of wigs it didn’t make that much of a difference. I wanted it to look as natural as possible and not too super thick. I got 180% density.

What I was most concerned about was that hairline! Y’all already know how that goes. So it came “preplucked” which wasn’t super plucked at all but not terrible. It was pretty thick and I had to thin it out a bit. I’m not a hairline specialist and I didn’t wanna mess with it much being that I paid so much for it! It’s easy to over pluck or rip the lace if you’re not careful.

The hair was really nice when it came! It wasn’t bone straight or shiny like a synthetic wig which I definitely wasn’t used to! It’s nice and thick and had a slight wave. It came with two “flesh toned” wig caps and an elastic band that you could sew in. There are also combs you can sew in as well. It comes in a box that’s in a draw string bag and took quick to come! Maybe about 1.5 weeks.

I’ve worn this wig 3-5 times, sometimes unsecured (whatever happens happens) it fits really well and I always get compliments. I haven’t gotten the hairline quite right (I’m gonna get someone to do that) and I’m honestly afraid of Got 2B glue so I haven’t really tried the whole glue and tie down process! I sewed in the elastic band and that’s it! Don’t do that if your afraid of your wig coming off!

I’m not sharing this info because I’m a wig specialist and I’m showing y’all how to wear the wig. I’m just explaining my experience buying a human hair wig for the first time! I’m happy that it was a good one and I would definitely recommend I did lots of research and had no issues with payment, shipping, customer service, bad hair, etc.

If there’s anything I didn’t touch on please let me know your questions below!

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