Natural Hair No No’s for the New Year!

I know you’ve been doing these things so I’ll be brave enough to ask you to do better for the new year. New year, new hair (literally and figuratively).

  • Searching for a magic product.

There is no product that will cause exponential hair growth overnight, give you “perfect” curls, etc. I urge you to stop wasting money buying every and any product that makes you believe it’ll solve all your hair problems at once. Invest in staples you love and that work for YOU, be consistent, and keep on.

  • Blindly following someone else’s regimen.

You love her/his hair and your first question is “what do you use?”. Nice to know but it doesn’t mean you should automatically purchase that product. There are many variables that make their hair and your hair different, what are the real chances that you’ll get the same result? Take hair product and styling recommendations with a grain of salt, from people with similar hair textures, and even then – do you own research! Watch review videos, buy samples first, ask friends, and more. Use your resources before jumping all in.

  • Ditching shampoo on wash day.

Cowashing has its place in a hair regimen but its not the end all be all. Scalp health is very important and of course has a lot to do with hair growth. As naturals, our constant use of oils, product, and the elements from the outside cause buildup which blocks the pores in our scalp. This can then cause dryness, irritation, and flakiness. Shampoo (with sulfates) helps break down buildup, cleanses the scalp, providing a clean canvas every wash day. A clean and healthy scalp provides a fertile grounds for your hair to grow.

  • Using oil to moisturize.

Oil does not equal moisture. Applying any oil to dry hair is not helping the problem. It’s tempting I know but only water and products with water listed as the first ingredient can moisturize your strands. Oil should be applied last to your hair to seal in moisture!

  • Forgetting to wash your headscarf.

I have three headscarves, two bonnets, and a satin pillowcase. All of which I rotate frequently. Its easy to forget but being that we wear every night, we should be washing these items more often! During laundry day throw them in with the rest of the laundry or hand wash if that’s a better option for you. As long as you don’t forget! having a satin pillowcase has been life changing, see where I got mine and other must have items for naturals here.

Now I charge you to live you best your healthiest hair life for 2020. If there are any “no no’s” you’ve discovered on your own please leave them below!

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