First Time Knotless Braids

These braids have been on trend for the past few months, sleek braids that look like they’re growing straight from your scalp! I decided to try this new look for myself.


This style has been all over social media, the most natural looking braids ever – they’re bound to catch your eye! I got these right after Thanksgiving, with hopes to keep them in for the rest of the year! I kept them in for 6 weeks (a new personal record).


I got these done at HC Elegance salon in Queens, New York. I got a full wash, blow dry,  and braids installed in about 6-7 hours. I had to buy my own hair, about 3-5 packs of pre-stretched braiding hair. I got all black hair!


They were $180 for butt length, not a bad price compared to what I’ve seen online! They were the longest braids I’ve ever gotten but also the lightest. I had no pain or discomfort when I left the salon, also a first!


Honestly, I feel these braids got messy quickly. Knotless braids are started using your own hair from the scalp then the braiding hair is added. Because of this, your hair at the scalp gets fuzzy fast. My hair also started to stick out the braids towards the end, but this is very normal. This is all my personal opinion but I got compliments on my hair right up until the day I took them out!


When I get braids my scalp is usually really itchy and dry, this happened again. I was hesitant to use my usual method of relief (leave in conditioner/water and oil at the scalp) because I didn’t want to add to the fuzzy factor. I tried dry shampoo for the first time but I don’t feel like it made any difference.


I would 100% get these braids again and I don’t think I’ll be going back to regular braids. You couldn’t really tell when my hair was growing out and the length of the braids looked really good. I would recommend them to anyone. Im ready to get them again! Read more about my knotless braid experience here.

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