Style Factor Edge Booster Review

This product took off over night, seems like everyone was using it! I didn’t think it was sold in stores, so when I saw it in the beauty supply store I didn’t hesitate to buy it.



I was surprised to see all the colors! I didn’t know this product came in different scents and also different sizes. There is a mini, medium, and large size! I got the medium size for $8 in the peach scent (orange container). Again I bought this at the beauty supply store in my neighborhood.

I looked at the ingredients and noticed it had water as one of the first ingredients. A gel with water in it confused me because I knew that would make my hair curl up. Water based pomade seems like an oxymoron but maybe I’m thinking too hard about it.

I gave this edge control 4-5 tries and I do not want to use it again.

Before I continue let me say for the millionth time, I do not have thick unruly edges. My edges are actually thin and I don’t lay them everyday just for the fact that I don’t want to manipulate them too much. However, I do my edges for the stylish look and I have used some gels that still don’t get the job done.

There is only one reason I would stop using an edge control. Unfortunately that reason was present while I used this product.

Every time I used this gel I was surprised to use the bathroom at work or go home and see that at least one part of my edges were white! I was so embarrassed to think that I had been talking to people all day with white edges. I kept trying it thinking it was something I did. I cleaned my edge brush, I sprayed my edge brush before using it, I tried it without water as well. But it always turned white. 

I was shocked because this edge control was so loved all over instagram! One thing I can say it is holds hair in place. As soon as my edges dried down they did not budge, literally till the end of the night. I’d like to try it to see if my edges would stay laid after the gym or a night out… but I can’t risk it turning white or flaking! It is a hard jelly consistency and smells really good. You also get a good amount of product for your money! A little also goes a long way.

I don’t know how I will finish the rest of the jar but I have to find another way to use it.

If you have any ideas let me know! Also, please share your own experience with the edge control!

5 thoughts on “Style Factor Edge Booster Review

  1. So I actually use this and haven’t experience the residue. But I will say sometimes I wet my brush and just smooth out instead of adding more product which will cause build up. I also feel like at some point alot of edge controls will make your hair feel yucky anyways.


  2. I have the green one and it works wonders for my edges. I didn’t get the flakes nor did it turn my hair white, but a friend of mine who has the purple on did tell me she had the same issues you had. Im starting to wonder if their is a different formula for each flavor.

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