Natural Hair Products for Black Men

Men always ask me – what should I put in my hair? So you’re a guy who is growing their hair and you don’t know where to start. You go into the store – down the hair aisle and you see all these products. Which one do you choose?

Due to the quarantine my baby brother’s  hair had grown into a mini afro (he’s 15, not really a baby) and he wanted some products to take care of it! Instead of giving him something I had at home,  I decided to buy something for him. He really only needed one product – a moisturizer.

Whenever guys ask me for hair product suggestions I freeze up because I’m not sure what they’re trying to do. Are you just looking for your hair to be moisturized? Do you want curls? Do you need hold? I don’t know, and usually they don’t either! These could all be separate products. However since this is my brother I knew what he needed.

Going down the aisle in Walmart there was a small section for mens products, featuring beard balm, durags, sponge brushes, and they even had bald head moisturizer. The only hair product I saw were hair pomade, curl activator, and the infamous sample size Cantu curling cream.

cantu sample

I don’t hate the Cantu brand but it would never be my first suggestion to anyone. After looking throughout the whole product selection, for both women and men… would you believe we left with the Cantu? I was shocked and disappointed. There were so many products but to me, none that were right for a men’s mini afro. You just need something to moisturize your hair and naturally it’ll curl or wave a bit if you apply it to damp hair.

I saw curling custard, but that may not necessarily moisturize you hair and may even cause your hair to be crunchy or flaky. Same predicament with a gel or jelly. There were a few spray detangling products, again not what he needed. I saw other curling creams but they looked much too thick and heavy for quick daily use. I also saw refresher mists and sprays, which could work but were possibly too light. I saw a few leave in conditioners which is basically what I was looking for but none that I liked (not exaggerating).

My first thought was when a guy walks down one of these aisles looking for a product to use in their hair, they have to be SO confused. And all the different names of products now a days don’t make it any easier! I mean I barely even know the difference between a jelly, smoothie,  custard, souffle, mist refresher, milk, etc.

Okay Stephanie – so what is your point? What are your product suggestions for black men?

First of all, you need something that will moisturize. If you’re also looking for something to enhance your curls that can all be in one product!

Anything with water as the first ingredient will work. This eliminates grease, pomades, or any product promising to give a lot of hold. No gel or activator creams needed (curl defining cream is okay). That’s it, those are the requirements!

Go to products are leave in conditioners and creams/cream textured products. There may be things that actually say cream on them, or “milk”. I don’t love every and every leave in conditioner,  but I do think any one will work. Personally, I think “butters” are very moisturizing but a little thick/heavy for the hair (but it’s definitely worth a try!).

Now that I’ve described the product type, see some suggestions below! These are things I’ve tried but also things I would pick up if I saw it in stores. I know its important for the product to be a good price and easy to find in stores. All the brands below would be easily found in your local target, Walmart, or beauty supply store. If you don’t want to scroll any further see products I like here, here, and here. I’ve linked where you can find these products as well.




curls twist shout
Use my code “stephanie35” for a discount if you purchase online.

shea moisture jbco


mielle leave in



lotta body leave in


Tell me what products you’ve used in your hair before OR ladies, share some product suggestions you’ve recommended to black men!

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