New Products I’ve Tried During Quarantine

Quarantine has given me more time to try out new products I’ve had my eye on!

Dove Amplified Textures Shampoo

dove shampoo

I picked up this shampoo because it had a pump and pretty packaging. (Is anyone else a sucker for those two things?) This product notes that it is sulfate free and hydrating because it has aloe as an ingredient. After using it a few times I decided it was not for me. It barely lathers (is it really a shampoo if it doesn’t lather), and even worse leaves my hair dry. Although I love that it has a pump, I will not be buying it again.

Revlon Pro Collection Salon one Step Hair Dryer

revlon brush

I love this dryer. I love this dryer so much I did a giveaway on Instagram! (if your not following me on instagram do so now @honesthairdiary). I had concerns that this brush would not really work or rip out my hair with its bristles. However, I am able to blow dry my hair in a shorter amount of time than usual and my hair is super detangled too. This means less physical work for me and less heat on my hair. This dryer also gets really hot! You can check it out here.

Suave Moisturizing Curl Conditioner

suave conditioner

I saw this conditioner in Walgreens and decided to pick it up because it had a pump (pumps on all shampoos and conditioners please). I usually don’t gravitate towards Suave but I’m glad I took a chance. It is super moisturizing and a little goes a long way. It was also very inexpensive at $5. For a quick cowash (or even deep condition) this product moisturizes my hair and smells awesome! I also know I will easily be able to find this anywhere.

Honey Baby Naturals Milk and Honey Leave in Conditioner

honey baby leave in spray

This spray leave in conditioner was nice to use. I really wanted to try this brand and the product had a cool look to it, like literal half milk half honey. I think this product does what every spray leave in product is going to do when it comes to refreshing your hair. Its great to rejuvenate your curls at the beginning of the day or to refresh an old hairstyle.With that being said, I really think everyone should have a spray leave in/refresher in their stash at all times! 


Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to know how similar or different your experience was to mine!


For more reviews of my fave products, click here.

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