This Natural Hairstyle May be the Key to Length Retention

I think this hairstyle might be the key to length retention…

Since quarantine, mini twists have become my newest obsession. Because of quarantine I’m not going anywhere, so when I install twists- why do I need to take them down?

My routine for a couple weeks was washing my hair, twisting it, and keeping the twists in for the week (or at least 5 days).  I don’t always do the twists in a mini size, as tinier twists take more time to install and take down. Chunkier “mini” twists work just fine too! By the weekend my hair is definitely dry and ready for takedown. I end up with bomb twist out, moisturized and great definition.

Keeping these twists in was helping me not to manipulate my hair as much. I was only styling my hair 1-2 times a week. This means less breakage and shedding. This is ultimately a form of protective styling, similar to people who keep their hair in braids under wigs or people who wear box braids often. Enemies of length retention are breakage, dry hair, and manipulation. I have a blog post about protective styles you can do with your own hair, take a peek here!

I quickly realized this mini twist routine may be the key to length retention during these quarantine months. I also love to style my mini twists, see my different styles here. My routine will be wash, twist up, twist out for a few days, then wash and twist again. I definitely see a benefit for my hair.


Is this something you would try?

One thought on “This Natural Hairstyle May be the Key to Length Retention

  1. I prefer to do flat twists in my hair, and like you said I have nowhere to go, so keep them in till washday. I do like twists too as they are easier to take out when that time comes


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