Need Help Controlling Anxiety? Try This…

Cant control your anxiety? Try this…

Anxiety can be hard to get a grasp of, especially when the situation is out of your control.

Anxiety can feel different for every person and affect us all differently. Sometimes for me it’s when I can’t catch my breath (physical reaction), during those times I use other tips which I’ve spoken about here. Sometimes it feels like I have too many thoughts in my head and I can’t calm my brain down.

The most helpful thing for me during these times is to do a brain dump.

This means writing out all my thoughts, no matter how unrelated to each other they may be. By getting everything out of my head and onto paper it helps my brain slow down.


With all my thoughts on paper, I am then able to organize my thoughts and even identify some triggers for my anxiety. I can file my thoughts away in their respective categories and straighten out my mind. The writing doesn’t have to make sense or be coherent, they’re usually oneliners as each thought is sometimes a while new topic. Sometimes things I write down I didn’t even realize were in the back of my mind or I’m like “I didn’t realize I was actually worried about this.”

Writing daily has helped me tremendously in terms of anxiety in check and keeping my mind calm. I have so many journals accumulated from over the years but I talk about the main 4 I use here and why (click here).

What are your thoughts on this tip? Have you tried writing to calm your anxieties?

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