My Wash Day Routine

I keep my hair clean and healthy using these steps and products.

Wash With Shampoo Weekly

I wash my hair with a sulfate shampoo every other week. I wash in sections to save time and give enough attention to all parts of my hair. In total my wash “day” takes less than 2 hours. To have a quicker wash day click here.

ACV Rinse Monthly

I am prone to product build up so I clarify even further by using ACV rinse to detox my scalp once a month. This has dramatically helped me with itchy scalp issues I’ve had in the past! I wrote all about it here.

Deep Condition Weekly

Spoiler alert: Deep conditioning doesn’t need to take hours or be done overnight. You can deep condition for 30-45 mins a week and have the same effect! I either use one of my favorite deep conditioners (see those here) or deep condition with a regular conditioner (see why here) each week to restore moisture into my strands.

Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor Treatment

When I was recovering from heat damage I used this product weekly after washing my hair. I really think their product works and helps bring your curls back to life after any kind of damage (not fully recover but maybe by 75%). I now use this monthly just to strengthen my curls from time to time. You can get it here!


I detangle my hair while it is saturated with conditioner every wash day. This ensures I am starting my style on detangled hair and it will be easy for me to work with. To ensure my hair will stay detangled while I wash out the conditioner –  I detangle, twist in small sections, and rinse out all product with the twists in. When I take out the twists all product is gone and my hair is detangled.


What are some things you MUST do during wash day? Did I mention any in this post?

For more product suggestions click here!


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