Rosewater, Trendy or Useful?

I bought this because of the hype I saw around it on social media and I heard it was multipurpose, but how would I use it?

I have very dry skin and my face could always use some moisture.

I underestimated this product because it’s just a spray but this stuff is moisturizing! It has a slight fragrance but definitely not overwhelming. I spray this on my face a couple times and its as if I put on a moisturizer. I love it to refresh/re-moisturize my face during the day, a quick moisturizer before bed, a quick spritz before I leave the house really quick, etc. I also use this after doing my makeup if I want my face to look dewy.

I found this easily on amazon (you can buy it here) I got the one with glycerin – I didn’t see much a difference as I know glycerin to be good for dry skin. I’ve seen this brand in stores like at Target. People also make their own rosewater! Rosewater is great for hydration and to refresh your skin. People also use this as a toner or a cleanser. It helps soothe and balance the skin. I have heard of people using this in their hair but I haven’t tried that yet! Now that I use this everyday I’ll definitely always have some on hand.


Have you tried rosewater?

I also love hylauronic acid for my dry skin, read more about that here!

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