Affordable Headband Haul, Everything under $8

I’ve been wanting change lately when it comes to my hair. I found all these headbands for under $10 so I may have went a little overboard…

Im honestly getting tired of my natural hair look, (I’ve been wanting to perm my hair as of late). In order to combat this I’m trying to be creative with my hair. I used to wear a lot of headbands in high school and I always associated them with looking too young.

However, I keep seeing super cute ones all over so I’m back in the headband bandwagon!

Satin Twist Knot Headband Burgundy – Boohoo $3.20


Velvet Twist Knot Headband- Boohoo $3.20


Satin Twist Knot Headband Mustard- Boohoo $3.20


Natural Crochet Knot Headband- Pretty Little Thing $7.00


Velvet Plaited Headband- Boohoo $7.20


Color Block Satin Scarf Hair Tie- Boohoo $3.50



I bought 6 in total, I can’t wait to wear them! I also have to say product placement and photography is harder than I thought. I felt so silly taking these pictures but I hope you like them. All the headbands are great quality, especially the velvet. The satin scarf tie is not as big as I thought it would be but it can still fit around my head and a headband.

Which is your favorite? Are you surprised the prices like me?

To see more of my favorite things, check out this post.

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