Box Braid Routine – Do You Need One?

I know people always say your hair style is not really protective if you’re not caring for your hair underneath…

I agree with this, but how should I take care of my hair within individual braids? My main concern is keeping my hair neat so I can get my moneys worth!

Every time I have braids, there are some things I always do and things I never do.


I always tie it down at night or when at home to keep my hair looking fresh. (This means the scalp AND also my hair sticking out the braids.)

I usually never wash my hair while in braids. I feel like this the #1 way to messy hair, and I want to keep It looking neat for as long as possible! However, I recently tried it and it helped a lot with an itchy scalp. I was surprised that it did not make my hair messier, but I would only do this on braids at least 3 weeks old or older.

I don’t know if I’m allergic to the braiding hair or if my scalp is just sensitive but about a few days after my hair is braided, my scalp always gets VERY itchy and flaky. Does this happen to anyone else? I itch when I need too but I oil my scalp with light essential oils (olive oil, jojoba oil, etc) to alleviate this.

A few weeks in my scalp is actually very super dry (this is expected) and I actually put leave in conditioner on my scalp and new growth. This is what actually brings me relief, adding actual moisture to these areas.

I also always try to keep my edges moisturized with oil while I have my hair braided.

As far as a a “routine” goes, that’s all I do! Should I be doing more? Am I doing too much? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Box Braid Routine – Do You Need One?

  1. Mhmm I also use that method I soak my braids in either white vinegar or acv. It’s because they coat kanakelon hair with a very basic coating to ward of pests. I remember the first time I had braids installed with kanakelon that my head was SO itchy! I had a red scalp and bumps everywhere. Using vinegar and water soak has helped me so, so much! I 100% recommend.

    For if your scalp itches actively tea tree oil works wonders. Another solution (more mild but soothing) is rose water. I buy my rose water from the grocery store because it’s a lot cheaper and works just as well. Hope this helps!


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