Hylauronic Acid for Dry Skin – Does It Work?

I had been on the look out for a perfect moisturizer for a long time. I was doing some trial and error with new products but there was nothing I loved. I tried Clinique, Shea Butter, Kiehls, and more. I needed something with no fragrance (I have sensitive skin) and that would not clog my pores (I have acne prone skin), just something simple.

I got this product recommendation from a friend! I was glad it was so simple, super affordable from The Ordinary at $7, and easy to find in stores or online. This stuff is great for my dry skin. You can find it here on Amazon, but its a little more expensive – not sure why!

Hylauronic acid is a sugar naturally found in our skin and it helps keep your skin hydrated. It is also a humectant which means it helps bring moisture to your skin. There are many benefits of hyaluronic acid and they all have to do with moisture improving the quality of your skin.

Personally the best way I can describe it is as being thick water. It has no fragrance and comes with a dropper as a little goes a long way.  After applying this my face is not dewy or shiny (which I actually prefer) but it is moisturized. My skin is very very dry so layering products on my face is what works best for me. I usually layer this with almond oil, or any other cream for the look and feel I want. However using the hyaluronic acid makes a big difference and I do notice a difference in the look of my skin. I started using this during winter when the eczema on my face was causing a lot of flaking, after using this product I no longer had that issue. Now I never shy away from products with hylaronic acid like the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line. As you can see from the feautred picture I use this product a lot, this is my 3rd bottle!

Have you ever tried hyaluronic acid or a product with this ingredient in it?

2 thoughts on “Hylauronic Acid for Dry Skin – Does It Work?

  1. I’ve tried this and like it. I have acne prone sensitive skin which regularly gets dry from using topical prescriptions. I was recommended a Cetaphil Rich Night Cream from a pharmacist as it is non comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin – such a game changer I LOVE it and it’s so much cheaper than Clinique products etc that I’ve tried in the past.

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