Birthday 2020 – Details & Reflections

My birthday is 7/28, guess how old I am now?

I had a small birthday celebration with friends the weekend before my birthday and I had a lot of fun! I also got an overwhelming amount of birthday wishes and love, it felt like my birthday was 4 days long!

I got so many compliments on my dress and it was only $30. I got it online from Fashion Nova, its my second time purchasing from them and I am pleased. Its the “Say My Name Off The Shoulder Dress


I’ve been wearing black on my birthday  for the last 2 years so I thought it would keep that tradition going. (Anyone else do dumb stuff like this?You can never go wrong with a little black dress! I always YouTube peoples reviews of the clothing I want to buy when I have a special occasion. I feel like I can’t afford to get it wrong! I also hate returning items I purchased online. After much research I decided I liked this dress quite a bit. I also got knotless braids again for my birthday! See more about them here. (Yes I got my braids done during covid! We all wore masks for the full 5 hours and I felt 100% safe!)


People were also asking about the anklet I had on, which was actually a bracelet that was too big for my wrist. I got it from boohoo for only a few dollars! Boohoo is my favorite out of all the fast fashion online websites. I think its sold out now (check here) but overall they have some cute jewelry for a low price. (I do not really wear jewelry or have any piercings, so it’s all fake and inexpensive.)


A new habit I’ve picked up at the beginning of the year is picking a word to set the tone of my actions for the year ahead. In 2019 my word was confidence, and for 2020 my word is growth (and boy is 2020 really forcing me to grow!). I turned 26 this year and as usual so many things happened. When I did some reflection of my past 12 months I found myself feeling grateful to God above all other emotions. I feel like I’m really coming into more of myself. I can honestly find a lesson in every situation Ive been through, appreciative of things that I did get and understanding of things that I really wanted but did not receive. I have had a rough few months on top of all the cover drama but I’m learning that every day is a new chance to start fresh. The one word I can truly use to describe year 25 is grateful.

I hope next year at this time I have a positive word to sum up year 26, we’ll have to wait and see! If you want to know more about how I maintain my braids, check out this post.


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