Flat Twist Hairstyle Idea

I’ve done this style a few times and it always turns out cute.

This style is really easy if you know how to braid or flat twist and can get some pretty straight parts. See some examples below, including my own!



I usually do this style on freshly washed hair. I got this idea from one of my favorite natural hair Youtubers Halfrican Beaute. You can see her tutorial here!

The products I use ensure my hair will stay moisturized, a leave in conditioner and curl cream (examples here). I make sure my hair is fully detangled, I part, then flat twist. Although Ive never kept this style in for more than one day, you could definitely get away with keeping this style in for a few days. The only downside may be keeping it looking neat.

Im not sure if this counts as a protective style, but its definitely a cute one! What do you think? See some other protective styles you can do with your own hair here.

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