Knotless Braids Hairstyle Ideas


See pictures below! There are so many tutorials on youtube but these are all very easy to do.

1.Middle Part

This looks best when your braids are freshly done!


2. Low Ponytail

I use braids in the back to wrap them around the base of my hair to make this pony! No elastic required. 













3. Mini Bun













4. Side Part 


5. High Bun

This isn’t my best bun but it honestly comes out different every time! Being that my braids are so long it can be tough to get them all together. This was done without any elastic band.


6. High Ponytail

I did that style for my birthday! Check out more about my birthday here.


For more info about my knotless braids check out these blog posts about the first time I ever got knotless braids, the one con of having them, and my box braid routine.

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