Tired of My Natural Hair

I haven’t worn my hair out in 8 weeks.

Ive been struggling with shrinkage and accepting how my hair looks when its shrunken.

I have found ways around it (stretching my hair with and without heat). I have even tried to accept my shrinkage for what it is (a sign of healthy hair). However there is just no way around that “first day hair” and as of late I was finding myself just not happy with how my hair looked! Whether it was because of how the weather would affect it, a twistout not coming out right, a product not dong what I wanted, I was just unhappy with my hair.

I began blow drying my hair every wash day (something I never usually do, read here) just so I could get my hair to look longer and be more predictable. I was happy to be using my new favorite toy my hairbrush dryer. Then I got tired of that too because I just didn’t like all the heat I was putting on my hair.

I then made a decision I never thought I would make! I decided I wouldn’t wear my hair out any more, and that I was tired of my usual “look”. If you know me or follow me on instagram you know my hair usually looks like:

But im tired of it.

Im tired of my hair looking short and shrunken even though I know I put in a lot of of work to retain my length and my hair is long!

Im tired of trying to make my hair look as mature as possible, as to not look like im 12 years old.

Im tired of spending hours on my hair only for it to not look how I want it and having to throw it in a bun (I actually LOVE doing my hair but I still get very frustrated when I get bad results).

Just tired! I just want a change. I go through these feelings all the time and I didn’t even take myself serious, but I haven’t worn my hair out in almost 8 weeks! This was the last straw for me:


I had my hair in mini twists and took them out and even though my hair was well defined and I liked the product I used, I hated how I looked.

Since then my hair has been tucked away, mainly in these knotless braids that the old me would’ve taken out after a month. I knew I wanted to get braids ASAP because I was having serious thoughts about perming my hair. Im almost at 2 months and I don’t miss my hair at all. After these braids I plan to straighten my hair.  Im thinking about going down the path of heat training my hair, but in a healthy way (read more about that here). Or if anything just bouncing back and forth more often between straight and curly hair. What do you all think?

Regardless of what I decide to do after these braids Im confident I will not be wearing my hair out anytime soon, and if I do it’ll only be for picutures on Instagram! I will be just fine wearing low buns, and other protective styles. I’m not sure why I’m so adamant about making a change right now but it definitely feels natural and what’s right for me.

7 thoughts on “Tired of My Natural Hair

  1. Hi Stephanie, I so get it! I was there all last year. So in 2019 was the first time I put a color in my hair( that wine/burgundy ) color. First color in my life, that’s how desperate I was. I was excited by that for awhile, but now, the color has faded and its more red towards midway to the roots. So now I have 2 colors and I hate it. So finally, what I’ve done for the past 2 months, is protective styling (crochet locs, crochet twist and 10in wave curls). I now love it. My hair is tucked away for 30days each time, I don’t have to see the color, until it has grown out.

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      1. I just picked up some Organic Basmati Rice this morning, I will try the rice water rise thing, lol for two weeks, then tuck it away for another 4 weeks. 🙂


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