Braiding Salon Tips For Beginners

Buying Hair?

Some salons sell braiding hair in the shop but most times you bring your own hair with you. Usually when I get to my appointment I ask the stylist what hair to get and how many packs I will need. They’re the professionals so they know best. There is usually almost always a beauty supply store nearby but if not you can always ask this when making your appointment so you’re even more prepared!



Shampoo, Condition, Blow Dry?

Yes, there are still hair salons that wash and blow dry your hair, all included in the final price! I go to the salon with nothing done to my hair. Reason being – what If I do my own wash day routine and I put something in my hair not favorable to the braiding process? (very unlikely) Now its my fault! That is super worse case scenario but that’s just how I think. This is also one of the few times someone else is washing my hair so I take full advantage! I also don’t bring any of my own products but I’m not picky or weary of anything my hair would need for braids. It’ll most likely be some kind of gel and/or moisturizer.



I live in NY and the base price for basic box braids/knotless braids usually start at $100. The price increases depending on the length, an extra $20 for back length, another $20 for the middle of the back, another $20 for right above your butt and so on. Don’t overpay. Braids all the way down to your back can run you $180-$200. So far the most I’ve ever paid for braids is $220. Also, always tip your stylist!



The actually braiding process will take a few hours at the very least! Bring snacks, a book, or download someshows/movies on Netflix! Being that I do my own hair and am almost never in a salon, I’m usually so intrigued by everything going on when I DO go. I rarely end up watching my show or reading. I like to watch other people get their hair done!

Please let me know if these tips are helpful! Check out my post about my lemonade feed in braids here.

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