First Trim In a Year

On my journey to not wear my hair out for the forseeable future I got my hair straightened!

That last time I straighetend my hair was over a year ago, it was my first silk press. I got a silk press again at Textured Press! (Keep your eyes peeled for their pop ups in midtown NYC!) They are the home of the well-loved black magic oil and they also have a new product coming out! I got to try it and it was heaven for my scalp!

So the terrible part in all this is I haven’t gotten a trim in OVER a year. My ends looked terrible. Even before I got my knotless braids the stylist told me I needed a trim! I have done a baby trim here and there but I don’t believe in trimming my own hair because I legit don’t know what im doing. After my blow out Ebony from textured press told me the same thing, I desperately needed a trim. After a good blow dry it was clear my hair had grown a lot but I still needed to snip those scraggly ends.

My hair is clearly uneven but I let Ebony cut as high as she needed to to make it more even. (My hair growing uneven happens naturally, nothing I do or don’t do!)

I would say my hair is still armpit length but my ends are so much healthier(my goal is bra strap length). This would be great for me if I was still styling my hair. Healthy ends makes for easier styling and a better overall shape!

Do you think I cut too much? Whats the longest you’ve gone without a trim?


One thought on “First Trim In a Year

  1. I love it, look at all that lovely hair. Looks like your trim is sufficient. I generally get a trim every 4 months, but I probably should revert once a year, I always feel like my hair always feels shorter after she trims it. I did a dusting 2 weeks ago, so we’ll see.


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