How I Preserve My Silk Press

My hair is not heat trained so when I get it straighetened I have accepted it will not stay bone straight for long. However as long as my roots are straight, even if my ends puff up a little I can still work with it! I can preserve the silk press to last for 3-4 weeks.

The key to preserving silk presses for me is flexi rods and pin curls! When my hair was heat trained and heat damaged (because those two things are not the same), I was able to wrap my hair to preserve it. However, now that my hair is healthier and not heat trained this no longer works that well.

Using flexirods and pin curls help preserve my hair and give me volume and body! In about 6-8 sections I use flexi rods to set my hair at night. Or you can use smaller flexi rods of course for a more curly look. The same philosophy applies to pin curls, and I either wear a scarf or bonnet to bed. The next day I take them out, gently combing out the curls till I get my desired look. I made a YouTube video on exactly how I do this, it’s my most viewed video!  I’m so happy about this because it’s such an easy way to great hair. Again pin curls give the same effect and may even be easier to do!

I do not add any product to my hair while my hair is straightened. I don’t add any oils to my scalp or my hair because this would weigh down my strands, create build up on my scalp, and I would have to wash my hair quicker. Flexi rods are one of the natural hair tools every natural should have, see the rest here.

See a link to the video below! How do you preserve straightened hair?

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