Head Wrap for Beginners, its $5!

I’ve been wanting to get into the head wrap game for a while!

Head wraps are so beautiful! They give such a regal and put together look. Most importantly, they’re great to wear when you haven’t done your hair! They cover up undone hair, braids, twists, and more. When I saw a head wrap for $5 in Walmart I decided to pick it up.

For only $5 it wouldn’t be that much of a loss if I wasn’t successful at tying it, it was too small, I didn’t like it, and all the other things that could possibly go wrong. At the very least I could use it as a headband.

This head wrap is all black and very stretchy. the texture is a cotton blend, very similar to a stretchy t-shirt. There is quite a bit of fabric, a long piece of black stretchy fabric (this wrap is not pre-tied). You can buy it here on Amazon. So far I’ve used it a few times and I love it!

I am not a head wrap pro so I just twist it however I want it to look, and make sure all my hair is covered. After doing my edges my “hair” is done!  

I’ve worn this head wrap on a few work meetings, out to eat, and while running errands. Due to the stretchy fabric I can make the wrap as tight or loose I want. It feels secure on my head (even if it came off I wouldn’t care). This also makes the wrap big and small head friendly (I definitely can confirm for the bigger headed readers). Lastly it allows me to tie it any way I want, so when I do learn of other head wraps styles I’m able to be versatile!

I think this is a great starter head wrap for someone who wants to get into head wraps but wants to make sure they like head wraps, they feel comfortable wearing them, and that they like the look. I say head wraps count as a protective style. Do you? They literally protect your strands and decrease the amount of manipulation you’ll have to do to your hair.

Are you into head wraps? Have you seen this one in stores?

Check out some protective styles you can do with your own hair, here!

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