3 Tips for Juicy Two Strand Twists

Because juicy twists equal a bomb twistout.

Don’t use too much product.

I know we often see videos of people twisting their hair with lots of product oozing out. While you do need lots of moisture for the twists to be juicy, your hair does not have to be soaked in product for a successful twist out. Your hair soaks up the product it needs, and the rest just sits on top of your strands. That’s a waste of money and contributes to product build up (ew).Using a moderate amount of product will ensure you hair actually dries and that your hair won’t be too weighed down by all the product. Weighed down white twists are not juicy. Click here to check out my fave curl creams for twistouts.

Twist in bigger sections.

People complain about how long it takes to twist their hair and the truth is you don’t need that many twists! Smaller twists may result in more definition (good) but may also frizz faster when you take them down (sometimes bad). In the photo below I have about 10-12 twists (I twist in smaller sections in places where my hair is kinkier/I tend to have less definition). The less twists you have the more juicy they are! This doesn’t automatically mean it’s a chunky twistout either, because you separate as much as you need to during take down.

Have healthy ends.

Yes your ends matter! For the springy/coily look at the end of the twists there are 2 different methods you can do depending on your hair texture. You can stop twisting about half an inch before the end of the twist and coil it around your finger OR you can twist all the way down and do a tiny bantu knot at the end. If you leave it in overnight, when you pull out the bantu knot it’ll have the same look! Single strand knots, split ends, and stringy ends will always make your twists look weak. A healthy curl at the end of your twists adds to the juicy look. I definitely don’t get trims as often as needed but when my twists start looking not so plump I know my ends are a reason why.

I did the twists pictured with the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout Cream, I love it! Use my code “stephanie35” for a 35% discount on all Curls products.

I hope these simple tips are helpful when twisting after wash day. Juicy twists are an underrated look for healthy natural hair.

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