Natural Hair Not Growing?

I genuinely feel like my hair isn’t growing anymore.

My brother has locs which he started in 2019, and every time I see him in person or even on FaceTime, they look like they grow! Why is it when I look at photos of myself, my hair looks the same length all the time? It always feels the same length too. Its discouraging to see someone online do a big chop and within a few months their hair is back to their original length, and here I am with the same length year after year. Dealing with shrinkage doesn’t make this situation any better. Lets take a walk down memory lane…


I will say I’ve learned that the biggest reason I don’t see my hair changing much in length is I’m not great at length retention. I lose a lot of hair during wash day because I am admittedly rough with my hair sometimes. I don’t wash my hair as soon as it feels dry and I try to squeeze as much days a possible by without washing my hair. Dry hair is more prone to breakage. However, I do cover my head every night, deep condition every wash day, and do my best to stay on a trim schedule of every 6 months. But, I know there are other things I could do.

I should pay more attention to my thin edges, not detangle my hair when it’s super dry, not wear such tight buns, change my part so I don’t thin out one area of my head, etc. I know my hair IS growing because my scalp isn’t broken and I feel new growth all the time. My problem is I’m not doing my best to make sure that hair stays on my head and not in the brush or down the drain when I’m washing it. I really want to take my length retention seriously to see some change!

How are you at length retention? Do you feel like your hair isn’t growing?

10 thoughts on “Natural Hair Not Growing?

  1. happy new year. its good that you know a few things you might be doing wrong which is a great start. personally, and through a lot of research, I’d say trimming your hair shouldn’t follow a schedule, you could be losing healthy hair in the process if that makes any sense. I only trim when it’s necessary, really dry, split and tangling ends and especially when my hair loses moisture faster than normal. I hope this new year is great for you and your hair💕

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  2. Hello Stephanie Happy New Year to you and your followers. I understand, I’ve felt the same many times before and at one time my hair was almost at bra length. Then my stylist cut it all off because she said she could see through my ends and she wanted it all to be even. I almost screamed thinking now I’ll never get back there lol. But it’s been a few years now, so I keep it trimmed, only heat twice a year and since pandemic just been protective styling. But just keep it moisture, trimmed, and love on your hair, I promise it will grow.

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  3. Hey Stephanie! I experienced that for a while as well. My hair would be growing but I’d rarely retain much length. What has worked for me was rice water (it drastically helped with less shed hair- I did it every week for about a month then took a break- rmbr it’s protein). Last year I did a lot of protective styles so my ends were put away (ex box braids n twists extensions). I’ve also used more growth oils( I’m team oil – on my ends and now throughout my hair length), and taking hair supplements (this is good esp if your diet isn’t the best- good hair starts within). Hope some of these tips help! Xx

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