African Pride Pre-Shampoo Review

This was at Walgreens for $5 so I decided to try it. I’ve also seen a few influencers try this on social media!

For some background, I usually feel like pre-pooing is a waste of time and product – but then again I’m the same one that feels like my hair isn’t growing (read more about that here). So I’m open to trying new things at this point.

This product has a jelly slimy consistency. It has a fresh light smell, nothing overbearing. I wanted to be careful about how much I used because I knew I could easily finish the whole jar in one sitting. I tried this on dry dry hair, an old twist out that was very tangled. I parted my hair in about 5 sections and started with a small amount. I was so pleasantly surprised! Even just a small amount allowed me to finger detangle my hair. Afterwards my hair looked like I had just wet it! I was able to do all sections using less than a quarter of the container. It also worked really quickly, almost instantly melting the tangles as soon as I smoothed it onto my hair. The containers instructions noted to leave the product in for 15-30 mins then rinse and shampoo as usual, which I followed.

My wash day was SO easy after using this product. my hair stayed detangled while washing (focusing on my scalp) and even while I deep conditioned ( focusing on my ends). After wash day I decided to finger detangle while styling because my hair was already so detangled. What I’m happiest about is that the shedding I experienced was way less than usual. I lost less hair during wash day because I used the pre shampoo and I was able to finger detangle easily throughout and after washing my hair. I will definitely be making this apart of my wash day routine. This product made such a positive difference.

Do you prepoo during wash day? Have you ever seen or used this product?

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