Natural Hair Fail – Accidentally Cut My Hair

I made a silly mistake, embarrassing story ahead…

In 2015 I was obsessed with healthy hair. I didn’t want any damaged hair lingering around in the name of length. I would inspect my hair after each wash day to make sure all my curls looked healthy and in tact. I had done all the protein treatments and DIY remedies, and I began to understand that after a while hair was dead and it wasn’t coming back (read about my heat damage journey here). The only thing I could do is let it go and allow it grow back healthily.

I had been working on having healthy hair for quite some time but there was one section that would always be loose and limp , especially while wet. I had been slowly trimming away at this section, snipping all the straight ends. One wash day I got so frustrated that I just cut out the patch of my hair. I felt so accomplished that I was really choosing healthy hair over length, cutting the longest part of my hair (the crown).

Over the next few months as it grew in, I noticed this section was growing in with the same exact texture as before. Loose wavy barely there curls, limp when wet. Then it occurred to me – this was my actual hair texture! I always knew my hair had different textures but I was so used to having heat damage I never knew this was the actual texture of my hair! I felt so dumb that I was here cutting hair just because it didn’t look like the rest of my curls! Now that I think about it, this probably set me back a great deal on my hair growth journey (read more about that here).

Knowing your hair for yourself is so important during your natural hair journey. I would definitely put this experience in my top 5 natural hair fails!

Do you have different hair textures like I do?

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