Morning Natural Hair Routine

The question I get the most is “how do you preserve your hair?”

I can get a good hairstyle to last me the whole week. As long as my hair is not dry I can use this method to fluff out my hair and get it to last another day.

The night before…

If my hair is still moisturized it doesn’t even matter how I slept with it the night before! However I do try to do mini pineapples or sleep with it in a low loose ponytail – then add a scarf or bonnet.

The next morning…

The fist thing I do is simply shake out my hair as much a possible being that I slept the whole night with it pressed together.

Products I use…

Next I spray it with a spray leave-in conditioner. Ive really begun to appreciate the purpose of these over the last year or two! I used to think they were useless but they definitely help revive my hair and give it some umph every morning. After spraying I use my hands to fluff out my hair even more and shape it to how I like. Lastly I use a few drops of a light oil to add a little shine (and mostly just to make my hair smell good ).

Doing these steps each morning makes a difference and sets my hair on a good track each morning so I can have cute hair. I also have a visual version of this routine posted on YouTube (click here)!

Definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel and Tik Tok if you haven’t already for natural hair content.

How long is your morning hair routine? How many days do you get your hair to last?

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