So we’re all natural, we all want our hair to look good, and we want it to be healthy. We love the versatility, we love being apart of a movement, we love going back to our roots.

But to be honest, sometimes it takes too long to do my hair,

sometimes I’m jealous of the girl with the poppin’ weave or perm thats ALL hers,

sometimes my shrinkage really plays me,

sometimes the humidity outside totally reverses all my hard work , the list goes on and on.

Previously I listed all the good things about natural hair we could agree on, but lets get deeper than that. Its not always glitz and glam curls for the girls fun. Most times its your arms hurting because wash day took that long.

Lets talk about the day to day affirmation of “ugh i just wanna cut it all off!”

Or those times when you give your hair a second thought as your the only one with a fro in your office.

Or when your TWA has been exactly that for months, now turning into years?

When you keep your hair in a bun for 3 weeks because your tired of it and you just cant deal.

When your afraid to cut that heat damage because your length is just more important right now and your not ready to let it go!

This blog is honest hair talk, basic tips, and all around relatable hair struggle. Take a look around and don’t forget to comment, like, and share!